Mother Nature has a “formula” for life continuation that, let’s face it, has been working very well for the past few thousand years. This formula is easy: mix the right elements, and every life form on Earth will have the ability to procreate and perpetuate its species. If you take Human beings as an example, we have reproduced and evolved tremendously over the centuries to become the dominant kind on this planet. Based on that, Humans should be quite happy with the formula, right? Well, it depends…

Statistically, Mother Nature’s success rate for the perpetuation of the Human race is fantastic, so no one should question it. But what about the ones that have yet to get the right elements on the formula to work? The ones that witness the Miracle of Life resulting from this formula happening everywhere, with everyone, but for them? The ones who question the efficacy of the same formula that put them on this Earth?

I do consider myself as one of those that challenge Mother Nature’s work… This is, of course, not a rational thought but rather a deep emotional feeling that makes the logic of my own being a question… That makes my thinking not straight. That shakes my pragmatism and optimism towards life. That blurs my vision and confuses my senses.

Yes. It blurs my vision. So much so that I don’t see people getting Mother Nature’s formula right. I see Rabbits. Fluffy, insatiable, fertile little creatures that easily and effortlessly procreate!

My wife and I live in a cultural and social environment where willing couples are expected to have kids at a certain age, following Nature’s clock for procreation. When I was born, the clock was set for the early to mid-20s. Nowadays, it is set in the late 20s to mid-30s. Just when we began to try to have a baby and just when we saw everyone around us getting pregnant of one, two, three or more kids. Just when everyone turned into Rabbits.

Like in any species, however, there’s differentiation. Therefore, I think of Rabbits in three ways: White Bunnies, Wild and Dark Rabbits.

White Bunnies are the loving parents that willingly want kids as a continuation of their love. They are the ones who are dedicated to providing good education and good health to their children, despite all the challenges of parenthood. They are the ones whose sole interest is in building a Family! White Bunnies live close by. So close that we get to live and love their offspring! And we both feel extremely fortunate to be sharing our lives with them… My niece is a gift from heaven. Our many godsons and goddaughters are a blessing to us. The kids of our closest friends and family give us the privilege to love them and be loved back. I do truly consider us lucky for having the experience to have so many loving children around us, but that does not take away the desire to have one of our own.

Wild Rabbits, on the other hand, are annoying. Those are the ones who live a bit far from our lives but not so much that they eventually come out of their hole and trash our yard. Wild Rabbits would meet us in social events and would, without hesitation, share how easy it is for them to have kids and how careful they have to be not to overpopulate the planet. They are the ones who have 3+ kids. They are the ones that live only for their kids and become socially awkward. They are the ones oblivious to the fact that some folks, sharing the same age, may not have children and may not want to make the experience of others the center of each and every conversation. They are the ones that we can’t be too mad at as they are almost naïve to the world, living on their hole and only coming out occasionally. But they are annoying. They make me angry at times as they have the uncanny ability to sadden my wife and me in a millisecond. They can be considered a plague at times. But they are harmless, and they tend to cause only temporary frustration in our lives…

And then there’s the Dark Rabbits. The ones that DO NOT want to have kids but have them anyway, by pure ignorance, by accident or simply by convenience. The ones that are so selfish that, in being so emerged on their own needs and desires, become absent parents. The ones that have the audacity to leave babies on the garbage or at the doorsteps of hospitals. The ones that abuse and intentionally harm babies and children. Dark Rabbits carry the evil side of Human nature. A side that would gladly harm an innocent baby or kid, causing them emotional and physical damage, possibly to the rest of their lives. Fortunately for me, I only know of Dark Rabbits via the news. I honestly would know what I would do or feel if I got to know one…

Will we get Mother Nature’s formula right one day? Will I stop being annoyed by Rabbits everywhere? I trust YES! But I hope I do not become wild in the process…

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